The Oast Smokehouse offers artisan smoked products together with foraging courses on and close to the Kentish Seaboard. 


On an Oast Smokehouse foraging course you get something that none else can offer - wild food picked that day paired with local artisan smoked and cured meat, fish and vegetables which adds up to an unforgettable experience. Why not come and join us? Dates and gift voucher details are in the respective sections of this site. 






''Nick Robinson makes bacon the way you always hope it will be but too often isn't. It's a tribute to the pig from which it is made : deep flavoured, a perfect balance of fat to meat and quick to crisp' JAY RAYNER




Our smokehouse is situated in a fabulous converted oast house in the heart of the medieval town of Sandwich in Kent, the 'garden of England' . We cure and smoke bacon 'lentissimo', slowly and lovingly, using no nitrates and using free range, local pork and carefully sourced whole spices.


Everything is done in the spirit of 'Convivia' , the Slow Food Movement that began in Italy. It champions a return to traditional methods and philosophy. To make great bacon takes time. Slowly cured, slowly dried and slowly smoked. 12 days of love and attention. 




Interview with me on Discover Deal :  https://www.discoverdeal.co.uk/blog/nick-robinson






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We are located at:

The Oast Smokehouse

The Oast  Moat Sole


CT13 9AU

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